Friday, 18 September 2009

Releases for the 2009 Jewelry Fair

Amethyst and pink topaz flower motive on gold

Round turquoise diamonds and lavender topaz set of
necklace, dropearrings and bracelet

Gothic black choker with ruby. Choker,
drop earrings and ring

Gothic black choker with dark ruby medallion and
amethyst drops. Choker, dropearrings and bracelet

Sterling silver gothic choker with amethyst.
Choker, dropearrings and bracelet

Friday, 24 July 2009

New summer releases

CIHUAE is proud to present its latest releases, mostly chokers this time with a very fine vintage look that I hope you will like.

I am also releasing this colorful metallic flowers set that I fancy quite appropriate for the warm sunny days of the summer.

All these sets will have a special introductory price until the 30th of August

I would also like to invite you to have some fun!

Apart from the great shopping that you can do at the Fusion Sims, come dance at Club Fusion!

Nexeus Friday @ Club Fusion - Friday, July 24 - 8:00-10:00pm SLT DJ Nexeus Fatale puts his own funky spin on house music, hip-hop and electronic music that will have you burning up the dance floor.
Industrial Dreams @ Club Fusion - Saturday, July 25 - 7:00-10:00pm SLT DJ Dream Resistance brings her edgy, industrial style to Club Fusion every Saturday. You don't want to miss this interactive and energetic dance party!
Weekend Wrap Up @ Club Fusion - Sunday, July 26 - 2:00-4:00pm SLT DJ Dilly Dawes takes your requests each and every Sunday at Club Fusion. Dance with friends while you recap the weekend's happenings. The perfect weekend wind down.

Hope to see you there, thank you ;)